Deputy of Cultural and Social Affairs

This division is responsible for the supervision of 38 student scientific associations, 45 student newsletters, 15 art and culture centers, 3 political organizations, 2 guild associations, and 9 houses of culture.

Duties of this division are listed below:

  • Enforcing the strategic policies of the Cultural Deputy Minister based on the guidelines of the Supreme Leader, the Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology based on circumstances of time, place, etc. concerning the social, cultural, and political issues as well as foreseeing the requirements of the program
  • Content management of the Cultural Council of the university through necessary presentations and follow-up, implementation of resolutions, guidelines, and activation of councils and campaigns related to culture like campaigns for holding up prayer, enjoining good and forbidding wrong, chastity, proper dress code, etc.
  • Striving to realize the Islamization of the universities to reinforce the values and ideals of the Is- 92 University Divisions lamic Revolution by emphasizing on the unity of seminary (Howza) and the university
  • Monitoring the overall social and cultural situation as well as doing the necessary studies and researches to plan and make policies for the sociocultural activities in order to expand and deepen Islamic and Revolutionary values at all academic levels
  • Devising strategies to manage and run cultural, artistic, Quranic, religious, social and political programs and activities for the teachers, students and administrators of the university
  • Spreading an atmosphere of morality, spirituality, and education and doing cultural activities in the university
  • Planning, organizing, and preparing the grounds for the performance of the Quranic-religious activities of the teachers, students and cultural administrators
  • Supervising and evaluating the cultural activities and programs and cultural attachments of other parts of the university
  • Building confidence and attracting the participation of teachers, students, and administrators in sociocultural activities to optimally use the capacities and talents present in the university
  • Creating the necessary coordination, cohesion, and cooperation between the authorities responsible for the cultural affairs within the university and using the cultural and social capabilities of the affecting agents and bodies outside the university
  • Development and activation of the self-motivated institutionalized groups in the university to expand the activities and realizing social and cultural goals
  • Content management of the Cultural and Social Council through facilitating the process of approving the plans, proposing necessary programs and seeing through assigned duties
  • Planning and performing the training required in the social area in order to attract participation, building confidence, and informing by using new and proper educational methods based on the needs of the teachers, students and administrators of the university such as:
  • Creating the space and framework suited for the organization of free thinking and theorizing sessions
  • Forming educational workshops in the sociocultural area based on new research-ped- 93 University Divisions agogical methods with the collaboration of other division
  • Holding meetings of criticism and scientific and cultural debate, etc. debates
  • Using new and diverse communication and informational technology in the cultural area