Faculties and Departments

Currently, Lorestan University has Eight faculties including:

1- Faculty of Sciences (6 Departments)

2- Faculty of Engineering (7 Departments)

3- Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences (10 Departments)

4- Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (2 Departments)

5- Faculty of Agriculture (8 Departments)

6- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine (3 Departments)

7- Faculty of Chemistry (4 Departments)

8- Faculty of Natural Resources (4 Departments)

and four affiliated higher education institutes in Nourabad, Aleshtar, Kouhdasht, and Poldokhtar. This university currently teaches 223 majors at Bachelor, Master, and Ph.D. Degrees, of which:

1- 59 are Ph.D. majors

2- 106 are Bachelor’s majors

3- 57 are Master’s majors

4- 1 is a major of the professional doctorate.

18 of these majors are taught in affiliated higher education institutes. Presently, 342 faculty members and 7000 students are studying in various programs at this university.