Deputy of Support and Development

At present, there are 424 employees working in this division, 0.2% of which have PhDs, 25.70% have master’s degrees, 38.44% have bachelor’s degrees, 12.73% have associate degrees, 12.26% have diplomas, and 10.63% have high school diplomas.

The Budget, Organization, Administrative Transformation and Support Departments, Administrative Affairs and Support, Financial Affairs Departments and Technology and Supervision on Construction Projects Department are active under this division.

 This division has two parts of construction and facilities. The duties of this division are listed as follows:

  • Collaboration with the Chancellor of the university to better perform the duties of the ad- 97 University Divisions ministrative units of the university
  • Coordinating between the activities and directing current actions of the departments subordinate to this division
  • Developing policies for subordinate departments in the form of university objectives as well as notifying the affiliated units of the applicable resolutions and regulations
  • Close, constant and direct supervision over the administrative, financial, organizational, construction, and legal activities of the affiliated units
  • Direct supervision of the execution of administrative and financial regulations developed and communicated by the relevant authorities of the country to the university
  • Tracking the strategic programs of the Vice Chancellor for Development and Support’s office based on the strategic plan of the university
  • Planning for the provision of physical spaces of the university with the development plan for higher education and acting to secure the necessary funding for construction
  • Holding tenders and signing contracts with counseling firms and contractors for construction projects
  • Supervising the proper execution of construction projects, contracts for buildings and facilities
  • Provision of all the equipment and requirements needed in the university
  • Collecting the proprietary revenues through research contracts according to the rules and regulations and depositing them to the Treasury of the Central Bank
  • Collecting donations and depositing them to the donations account of the university
  • Closely monitoring all purchases
  • Closely monitoring all financial affairs
  • Issuing administrative notices and missions for faculty members
  • Supervising the preparation of monthly and annual reports of the division and submitting 98 University Divisions them to the University Chancellor
  • Issuing administrative, financial, organizational directives of the university
  • Pursuing legal issues of the university with the supervision of the University Chancellor
  • Closely monitoring the general policies for the management of human resources
  • Supervision over the Central Secretariat of the university
  • Supervising all the affairs related to the Commission of Productivity and Administrative Transformation, the system for review and acceptance of the proposals, honoring the client, the Executive Board of the organization and the affairs of non-faculty academic human resources, the commission of tenders, bids, etc.