The International Conference on Management and Economic Knowledge on the Sustainable Development of Iran-Eurasia Relations, Yerevan State University, 29-30 March 2018

The thousands of years of relations between Iran and the Eurasian region, and in particular Armenia, have confirmed that the fate of its nations is tied together forever. In each period of history, and given the political, economic, and social conditions of that time, the rulers and tradesmen managed to adequately manage these relationships.

At the present time, Iran-Armenia relations have reached their highest levels, and there is a brilliant opportunity to flourish all the potential commercial and economic potential of the two countries based on knowledge and scientific models, and in the light of knowledge-based management, a map of sustainable development of relations Both countries are drawn

Undoubtedly, managing Irans trade and economic relations as a country with a high potential for wealth production in the region, with Armenia as the gateway to Eurasia, can lead to sustainable development and strategic peace in the region.

The International Conference on Economy, knowledge management and sustainable development in the relations between Iran, Armenia and Eurasia It seeks to encourage scholars and scientists to reach the goals planned by the statesmen who have reached the highest levels of political relations. are engaged in producing relevant knowledge in the areas required and described around the conferences.