Become an International Student at LU. How to Apply?

You are just required to follow
the four simple
steps below.

Step 1: Fill in Addmission Form

Fill in the Addmission Form through the link below:

Step 2: Fill in the NEW Application Form for International Students

Fill in the NEW Application Form for International Students, at the website of Iran's Ministry of Sciences, Researches and Technology through the link below.

(To do this step easier, click on the tutorial images below, in order, to preview each page you are going to face in the website)

NEW Application Form for International Students

Step 3: Send an e-mail to our correspondent

Send an e-mail to our correspondent's e-mail at the Office for Addmission of International Students ( containing the ID Code you get at the end of the second step. (see the last tutorial image).

Note: After your dispatched information and documents verified, you will be interviewed via Skype.

Step 4: Sign Up in Student Affairs System

After you have filled out the Admission Form and NEW Application Form, sign up to the following link ( to get a username and a password. By doing so, your registration is completed. Therfore, you can receive regular services as an international student at Lorestan University and from the Ministry of Sciences, Researches, and Technology.


For More Information arrow_forward

International Desk +98-9169762059 Mobile/WhatsApp/Telegram: +98-9192515241


Offline Addmission arrow_forward

Download offline Addmission Form and fill it and send it by email to our correspondent .