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Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Programs/Fields of Study BA MA/MSc PhD
Business Economics    
Business Management    
Business Management; Marketing    
General Economics    
Public Management, Human Resources    
Public Management, Organizational Behavior    

Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences

Programs/Fields of Study BA MA/MSc PhD
Training Sciences    
Persian Language and Literature  
English Language and Literature  
English Education    
Arabic Language and Literature
Sport and Physical Education    
Islamic Kalam/Scholastic Theology and Philosophy    
Iran Islamic History    
Geography; Holy Defense of Iran    
Nahjolbalagheh; Basics and Knowledge of Islam    
Educational Management    
Psychology of Training  
General Psychology  
History of Shiite    
Practical Sport and Physical Education    
Pure Sport and Physical Education    
Clinical Sport and Physical Education    
Sport and Physical Education, Health and Physical Activity    
Persian Language and Literature of Resistance    
Practical Meteorology    
Geography and Tourism Planning    
Persian Language and Literature, Lyric Poetry (Ghena)    
Persian Language and Literature, Mysticism    
Sport and Physical Education, Nerves and Muscles    
Climate Change    
History of Islam    
History of Iran after Islam    

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Programs/Fields of Study BA MA/MSc PhD
Doctor of Veterinary    

Faculty of Agriculture

Programs/Fields of Study BA MA/MSc PhD
Agronomy and Plant Breeding
Animal Sciences    
Plant Pathology    
Water Engineering    
Range and Watershed Management    
Soil Sciences    
Horticultural Sciences    
Plant Breeding  
Animal Feeding  
Agricultural Biotechnology    
Watershed Management    
Rural Development    
Fertility and Biotechnology of Soil-Chemistry, Plant Feeding    
Soil Resources; Management and Preservation  
Soil Resources; Management and Land Assessment    
Soil Sciences    
Horticultural Plants, Breeding and Improvement    
Irrigation and Water-wise Equipment    
Horticultural Sciences, Beauty Plants, Physiology and Improvement    
Animal Physiology    
Irrigation and Drainage    
Agricultural Entomology    
Forestry and Ecology    
Detecting and Fighting Weeds    
Plants Pathology    
Agricultural Economy, Policies and Development    
Bio-system Engineering, Designing and Production    
Bio-system Engineering, Pro-Harvest Technologies    
Fertility Management and Soil Biotechnology    
Water Equipment    
Watershed and Irrigation Science and Engineering    
Plants Pathology    
Horticultural Sciences, Beauty Plants    
Forestry and Ecology    
Agricultural Entomology    

Faculty of Engineering

Programs/Fields of Study BA MA/MSc PhD
Electrical Engineering    
Computer Engineering    
Civil Engineering    
Urban Engineering    
Mining Engineering    
Polymer Engineering    
Mechanic Engineering    
Electrical Engineering- Micro and Nano Electronic Modules    
Electrical Engineering- Electronic Circuit Compounds    
Power Electronic Engineering and Electrical Machines    
Power Systems    
Mining Engineering-Mineral Processing    
Civil Engineering –Structures    
Computer Engineering -Software    
Power Engineering    
Electronic Engineering    

Faculty of Basic Sciences

Programs/Fields of Study BA MA/MSc PhD
Pure Chemistry    
Practical Students    
Animal Biology    
Math and Applications    
Plant Biology    
Computer Sciences    
Physics –Fundamental Articles, Theory of Fields  
Nuclear Physics    
Physics of Astronomy    
Solid Physics  
Animal Sciences -Biosystematics    
Economical Geology  
Atomic and Molecular Physics    
Analytical Chemistry  
Physical Chemistry  
Mineral Chemistry  
Organic Chemistry  
Applied Math  
Petrologic Geology  
Plants Physiology  
Plants Physiology –Systematic and Ecology  
Math Statistics    
Nano Chemistry    
Nano Physics    
Environmental Geology    
Algebra Math  
Analytical Math  

Programs at Affiliated Higher Education Institutions

Programs/Fields of Study BA MA/MSc PhD
Applied Math    
Computer Engineering    
Business Management    
Industrial Management    
English Language and Literature    
Plant Medicine    
Horticultural Engineering    
Sport and Physical Training    

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