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Re-election of Dr. Mohsen Adeli as one of the Countrys Leading Professors and Promotion of Lorestan University

The Iranian Academic Leadership Association, under the guidance and management of the Vice-President of Science and Technology of the Presidency, has selected 75 researchers from the country in 1398 as the country"s top scholars. These individuals are selected in two formats A and B (50 first and 25 second).

Deputy of Research and Technology of Lorestan University (Dr. Mohammad Faizian) congratulated Dr. Mohsen Adeli (faculty member of the Faculty of Basic Sciences, Department of Chemistry), saying: "Dr. Adeli scored 730 in the 7th rank of Group A of the country"s scientific excellence ".

Dr. Mohsen Adeli was also listed on the country"s leading scientific list in 1397. Also, from among the 30 universities and institutes selected by the country, Lorestan University is ranked seventh (7th) with a 10-step upgrade from the previous year.

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