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Meeting of the Islamic Revolutionary Institutes International Vice-President with the Chancellor of Loresta University

Mohsen Pak Ayin, deputy director of the Islamic-Islamic Revolutionary Research Institute (Office for the Welfare and Publication of Works of the Supreme Leader), met with the head of Lorestan University. The ceremony went to Lorestan University on the morning of July 2nd in order to speak at the ceremony commemorating the select professors. Before the speech, he attended the office of the chancellor of Lorestan University, Dr. Khosrow Azizi, and talked to him. Also, the afternoon of this day and before the prayers of Jamaat-e-Nozhar and Asr, Mohsin Pak Ayin and other faculty members of Lorestan University, attended the ceremony of the three martyrs of the university of Lorestan, paying tribute to the martyrs.

The commemoration ceremony of the selec professor of Islamic Revolution level, on the occasion of Martyr Mustafa Chamran"s martyrdom, was held with the joint planning of the Lorestan Province Professors of Basij Organization and the International Scientific Cooperation Group of Lorestan University in Shahid Abdolrasoul Shokouh, Faculty of Literature and Economics, Lorestan University.
The head of the faculty mobilization organization of Lorestan province is Dr. Hamid Reza Zohreh.

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